This dynamic woman has been a prominent force in the Tattoo Industry since 1989 when she first opened her business; I’m No Angel Productions Inc., in Peoria, IL. Originating from a long line of strong women, Ms. Harper is a natural born businesswoman. By using art skills inherited from her mother Wanda’s designs have surpassed the customary art used in the tattoo business and drawn global recognition from leaders in the field.While it would be elementary for such a talented woman to thrive, Wanda has gone beyond the scope of business success by unselfishly giving up her valuable time to set standards in the field. She was instrumental for establishing the criteria for Tattoo Shop codes for the Peoria County Health Department and State of South Dakota Health Department; she helped envision the establishment of the Illinois Tattoo Association; and almost single­handedly diverted proposed mandates from Illinois State Official, Representative Rafael Frias, who did not understand the tattoo industry.

Wanda’s Commendations include: First Place Honors

  • Best Black and Gray Flash Awards 7 Best Color Flash Awards
  • Best Chest Awards
  • Best Overall Male Award
  • Best Overall Female Awards 3 Best Sleeve Awards

Numerous Best Black and Gray Awards Numerous Best Single Awards

8 Best Back Awards

Media Attention

1994 Chicago News

1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 ­ Peoria Journal Star

1995 Miami Times

1991 The Observer

1991 People of Peoria Magazine 1991, 1992, 1993 Tattoo Magazine

1994 Tokyo News 1992 The Zephyr News

Radio Interview – BBC London, England

Radio Interview – WWCT Rock106 FM Peoria, IL

Television Interview ­ CNN Debating Issues with Doctor on State Proposed Tattooing Regulations

Published Art Works 

13 Original Artwork published in Tattoo, Savage and Skin Art Magazines A month in Tattoo Calendar 1998 dedicated to Wanda’s work

Her designs have been used in Sturgis advertising and souvenir items and Marlboro Unlimited for Native American Tattoo Designs. Copyrighted Flash displayed in Tattoo Shops Around the World

Published Books

The American Biker ­ by Prosper Keating & Sandra Miller Photos of “Sandman” displaying Wanda’s artwork

The Illustrated Woman ­ by William Demichele 2 Personal Photographs

Self Imposed Safety Standards

Monthly 3rd party testing on autoclave (the only means of 100% sterilization) Visual evidence to client of needle destructions

Use of surgery rated gloves Instruction guide for tattoo care

Perhaps the best mark of success is reflected in one’s clients. Wanda’s are so satisfied that they come from all over the United States and other countries such as Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Norway, and Russia just to have their tattoos done personally by Wanda. Her future goals include traveling to conventions to expand on this recognition.

Being a well­rounded person, Wanda also has interest in exotic pets; raising orchids; home construction and Entomology.